Programmable disposable data logger Tempmate GS

tempmate.®-GS Real-time data logger for temperature, humidity, light, shock and location

Live, instead of nasty surprises: Supply Chain Monitoring 4.0

  • Worldwide monitoring of all data in real time
  • HQ sensors including location and GSM connectivity
  • Ready for immediate use, programming via cloud possible

End-to-end monitoring of the entire supply chain

Due to the programmable flight mode, the tempmate.®-GS can also be used for air freight. In flight mode, no communication takes place, but the recording of the data remains active.

Easy to use

  • Pre-configured and ready for use
  • After activation, the tempmate.®-GS can be placed on the goods.
  • Real-time monitoring via tempmate Cloud
  • Evaluation of data in the cloud possible at any time

Real-Time Tracking

Predictive Alert

Available worldwide*

Real-Time Tracking Thanks to GSM and cloud support, you have the opportunity to track the condition of your goods at any time. Alarm messages are detected and reported immediately thanks to the sensitive sensors. Whether you want to monitor the temperature, humidity, shock or light.

Predictive Alert By intelligently setting multiple alarm limits, negative trends can be detected and eliminated early before it is too late.

Available worldwide* The built-in SIM chip has worldwide GSM connectivity – completely flexible with no contract term and incl. Volume. Continuous live monitoring is guaranteed.

Technical Data

Data logger typeDisposable GSM data logger
Dimensions113/59/24 mm (l/w/h)
Weight132 g
CertificatesCE, EN12830, EMC, RoHS
TransferGSM Quad Band
Temperature range-30°C to +70°C
Temperature Accuracy-0.2°C (-25°C/+60°C) other .5°C
Temperature resolution0.1°C
Moisture0 to 100rH / Accuracy [0..90rH]
< 2.5, [90%..100% < ] . . . . . . . . . .
Resolution humidity1%
Ambient0 to 16,000 lx / Accuracy < 10
Resolution ambient light 1 lx
G Sensor3-Axis 6D/4D Orientation Detection/
•16g / < Accuracy: .2
Recording interval 10 minutes standard
Duration90 days standard
DataMax 15,600 records
Alarm settingUp to 6 limit values, alarm delay programmable
Durability / Battery 2 years at -25°C to +35°C / 2x CR17450