Gorilla Bag

Cost-effective load securing

If goods are damaged during transport, higher delivery costs, time-consuming insurance claims and – still important – disgruntled customers. Storage bags effectively secure the load and prevent the individual parts of the cargo from falling, slip or overturn. Damage during transport are thus avoided. The storage bags are stored in the interspaces of the charged and inflated with the help of compressed air. The airbags provide a constant pressure on the load, which is therefore neither in longitudinal can still slip in the transverse direction. The user-friendly patented self-closing valve closes automatically when the air gun is removed from the valve.

Gorilla Tissue Stomping Bag System

Gorilla fabric jam bags are equipped with the TurboFlow spring valve and offer the following advantages:

  • The TurboFlow valve is exactly on the seam of the gorilla tissue jam and not on the side. This allows the even in very narrow gaps can be easily filled.
  • Gorilla tissue sajams cannot be overfilled if the compressed air line is set to the correct pressure. When reached the optimal working pressure in the stowage bag, the filling gun blows the air through rear openings.
  • The TurboFlow valve and the patented Venturi filling gun offer extremely short filling times. The Venturi air system during the filling of the storage bags ambient air is sucked in, which the filling time is very short.
  • Gorilla tissue jam bags are self-closing, i.e. as soon as the user takes the inflator gun from the valve, this is dense. A source of error due to the insertion of a closure nipple or the The TurboFlow spring valve is equipped with the start of a rotary closure Not.
  • Gorilla tissue stowage bags are insensitive to water and moisture.
  • Gorilla tissue stowage bags are suitable for reusable use. she can be easily and quickly vented to either re-enter the position or re-use.
Dimensions (cm) . Application Working pressure (bar) Max Loading Gap (cm) Number per pallet
90 x 60medium-heavy0.20 bar = 20kPa30325
90 x 90medium-heavy0.20 bar = 20kPa40300
90 x 120medium-heavy0.20 bar = 20kPa40275
90 x 150medium-heavy0.20 bar = 20kPa40250
90 x 180medium-heavy0.20 bar = 20kPa40250
90 x 210medium-heavy0.20 bar = 20kPa40250
90 x 240medium-heavy0.20 bar = 20kPa40250
120 x 120medium-heavy0.20 bar = 20kPa50175
120 x 180medium-heavy0.20 bar = 20kPa50200
120 x 225medium-heavy0.20 bar = 20kPa50215
155 x 150medium-heavy0.20 bar = 20kPa65175
155 x 240medium-heavy1.20 bar = 20kPa65125