The SHRINKFAST hand-held shrink type 998 is a fundamental redesign of our classic Type 975.

Thanks to the new six-engine gas nozzle, the Venturi pipe was able to be designed. This makes the device smaller despite higher performance, lighter and more handy than the tried-and-tested Type 975.

Wind and cold reduce the performance of the SHRINKFAST device is only slightly affected. It can be due to its high beam speed even in violent wind gusts.

The device is equipped with gas hose, pressure reducer and swivel coupling and is supplied in a metal case.

The SHRINKFAST type 998 is operated with propane gas. It can be converted to natural gas operation if required.

Extension for SHRINKFAST Type 998

The type 998 hand-held shrink can also be equipped with an extension.

Quick handling – extension pipe is plugged in at the push of a button!

It is recommended for very high packaged goods. Ideal also for shrinking recreational boats for transport and hibernation.

Available in 3 different lengths:

61 cm (also available in straight form), 122 cm and 183 cm