Drop’n Tell

Tell Shock


Your transport monitoring for shock-sensitive products.

TELL-SHOCK Shock Sensor – Ingeniously simple. Just awesome.

The best quality control ends when your products to leave. On the transport route and during storage, your products often exposed to conditions that adversely affect the quality of can influence.

A color change of the TELL-SHOCK shock sensor from “white” to “red” clearly indicates that handling regulations have not been complied with and possible transport damage caused by shocks or shocks during transport.

Shock sensors in any sensitivity

The lower degrees of sensitivity (G-values) can be used to Indicator always optimally matched to the load or the transported goods to become.

Barcode – tamper-proof and traceable

Dupatec Tell-Shock indicators are numbered individually and equipped with a barcode to replace or manipulate a triggered indicator and to ensure complete traceability. Ensure.
The serial number can be easily scanned using the printed barcode.

TELL-SHOCK technical data

Triggering• Triggering at 0.5 – 50ms
• Indication of a shock via a red discoloration
Direction cover• Trigger angle 360°
Temperature range• -28°C – +70°C
Storage• Maximum storage period 2 years
Numbering• Individually numbered via serial number


TellShock Indicator

Warning stickers (included in the price)

Shipping by dry ice

Sensitivities – Variants and Colors

TellShock 10G (blue)

TellShock 15G (grey)

TellShock 25G (yellow)

TellShock 37G (purple)

TellShock 50G (red)

TellShock 75G (orange)

TellShock 100G (green)


SGS Group Report HC10046/2014