KINDSORB Container Desiccant

We always strive to provide our customers with effective solutions that are cost-effective and take little time to use. This is exactly what we have achieved with the development of KINDSORB.

The focus is on the combination of key features for unparalleled protection.
And it is precisely this combination that makes KINDSORB what it is. The most practical desiccant on the market


The sophisticated dosage of active clay and calcium chloride provides the maximum adsorption capability of KINDSORB. A sophisticated granulation technology is used. The desiccant bag binds the moisture inside the clay and remains completely dust-free.


KINDSORB has a breathable and stable shell.

Use the strongest fleece made of sturdy polyester fiber.
Moist air is absorbed quickly and the fleece remains tear-resistant and impact-resistant at the same time.

The KINDSORB high-tech fabric has both hydrophilic and waterproof properties. This on the one hand absorbs moisture very well and on the other hand prevents the leakage of liquid. We have developed a special hook that makes installation in the container even easier.



This graphic shows KINDSORB, which has absorbed more than 50 of its weight in moisture. KINDSORB absorbs moisture in standard shipping for over 50 days


Humidity statistics

This graph illustrates KINDSORB in reducing dew point and relative humidity in a standard shipping container at 95 RH 95°F. By reducing the dew point, KINDSORB prevents the formation of condensation water for more than 50 days.