For transports in closed containers, your goods are subject to extreme climatic fluctuations. Moisture damage caused by Condensation must be avoided. The development of highly effective Desicants such as CARGOSORB made by Kindpac meet this challenge. Through its product variants, CARGOSORB offers individual and above all simple solutions for the protection of your goods.


Thanks to the diffusion-tight foil on the back, all CARGOSORBvariants, in contrast to many other products, including the goods to be laid if there is no possibility of suspension Should.

CARGOSORB is effective in any case, as the membrane made of special fleece has a very large surface area.


The principle of action of CARGOSORB is based on on a mixture of calcium chloride (CaCL2) with modified starch. This ensures that the absorbed moisture is bound and there is no possibility that it will be returned.

Easy to use

High absorption capacity

CARGOSORB was tested by the recognized test laboratory BFSV/D-Hamburg under extreme climatic conditions in a climatic chamber.

Comparative testing of water intake of different Container drying agents and their filling quantity taking into account different filling quantities in grams (Fm)

CARGOSORB – a simple solution for every application

DUPATEC – Your specialist for desiccant

CARGOSORB as effective desiccant for container transport is a logical Further development due to our many years of experience with DIN tested desicants such as KINDRY trome-medium bags for long-term storage.
The optimal amount of food for the container depends on the type of packaging, the duration of transport and the goods transported.
DUPATEC offers competent advice, as well as solutions for your specific Application. We supply desiccant according to DIN standard and are a Company certified to DIN CERTCO.

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